The “Carry Me Home Initiative” launched in order to provide Zooms to US veterans

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 in Latest news

Zoomability is poised to enter the US market and are taking a unique approach to traditional “distribution through the largest wholesaler” methods. On January 1st 2014 Zoomability and The Independence Fund launched the “Carry Me Home Initiative” to provide Zooms to US veterans. The Zoom is a fast, light electric ATV for recreational use.

This spring, the “Carry Me Home Initiative” will invite 15 veterans to Palm Key, SC in order to become Zoomability representatives, or Zoom Ambassadors. Upon completion of Zoom Ambassador training, these veterans will be prepared to be Zoomability representatives as well as instructors for other veterans who have applied to receive their own Zoom.

Veterans can apply for a Zoom at The Independence Fund. If approved for a Zoom the veteran will be contacted to schedule a Zoom test drive of the Zoom.

To support veterans through the Carry Me Home Initiative, donations can be made at The Independence Fund.