The Zoom Life shares the stories of individuals who epitomize the spirit of Zoomability and the Zoom itself. People who embrace their independence and choose a life of freedom and joy.


For Johnny and his young family, spending time outdoors is where they want to be. For years he has struggled to keep up with them, but now with the Zoom, Johnny is back to leading the way!

Johnny Flores was 21 years old and in the best physical shape of his life when his Humvee was hit by an IED blast in Baghdad. He was left with limited mobility due to a shattered pelvis and a damaged sciatic nerve. Johnny was medically retired from the Army in 2007.

Johnny, his wife and their young son enjoy spending time outside, but prior to the Zoom, Johnny frequently felt that he had to cut their time short. The effort it took for him to maneuver outdoors for an hour or so usually left him physically spent for the day.

Then one day, Johnny met another veteran who would change his life. Barry Offenburger, a Zoom Ambassador, was at an expo where he was demonstrating the Zoom. Johnny instantly knew this was the device that could help him enjoy the outdoors again. He applied through The Independence Fund and was approved to receive his Zoom chair.

Johnny received his Zoom in time to enjoy the fall festivities with his family. “I went to a pumpkin patch… I took the Zoom chair out there. Not only did I look cool, but I got to do the whole thing without getting tired. I got to be involved and engaged in the corn maze, before I couldn’t do that… Me and my son and my wife really enjoyed it,” Johnny said.

Johnny was also able to enjoy trick-or-treating with his young son this year, making it for the full round of neighborhood homes instead of just one or two. For Johnny’s ten year old son, the Zoom has meant more quality time with his dad.

“it’s kind of hard,” Johnny explained, “I know he understands that that’s just the way our life is now, but there’s a lot of things I can’t do with him. He understands that, but now with this Zoom chair, I can keep up – if not, he’s trying to keep up with me!”

When asked to describe the Zoom chair in one sentence, Johnny replied, “it’s a blessing, it’s amazing, and it’s life changing.”

“I can definitely see an improvement, just a better quality of life, and being more engaged with both my wife and son,” Johnny said regarding his life with the Zoom. “It’s just a life changing opportunity. You don’t know what you were missing out on until you have it.”