Zoom Farmer

I am a beginning farmer with a 10 acre farm.  We enjoy fishing, hunting, and spending a great deal of time outdoors. As you can imagine using a cane; I tire very quickly and spend a lot of my time watching life from the sidelines.  As an active individual this can be frustrating and feel isolating. The Zoom is an invaluable tool both on the farm and in my leisure time.  I am looking forward to the host of new experiences the Zoom can offer.




Snow Zooming

I just want to give a very special shout out to the awesome folks with Zoomability and my fellow Zoomers. The past week saw several email conversations, phone calls and a personal visit to my humble farm to get my Zoom for the 10 inches of snow we’re expecting. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help. It just proves that the Zoom was the right choice to be my freedom machine. Time for some Snow Zooming!Thanks again everyone!




Zoom Family

The Zoom plays an important part in my life. I could now be outside and go with my family when they go walking or running. My son and I would just sightseeing around the neighborhood, it has improved my outdoor life immensely and brought me closer to my family. I would surely recommend a Zoom for anyone.

Thank you for the great product. Tyler



Zoom Community

The Zoom has brought so much Joy and happiness to my life. I am able to enjoy the wilderness and nature in a way I didn’t think was possible. In addition we are a part of a community of and get a Free Mind In Motion.

Thank you  Zoomability! Nate



Zoom Biker

The Zooms are so much more than a mobility vehicle. It has given me a part of my life back that I have missed so much, and that is having the ability to go out onto all of the mountain trails we have here in Prescott Arizona with my family. I could no longer ride a bike because of my back injury and the bikes have just been sitting in the garage with flat tires until now.

Thank you so much. Gary



Zoom Senior

Hey what a gift! Been to the woods, going through ditches, up and down hills. I am so pumped, I go on walks with my wife through bean and corn fields, mud, dirt, rocks, tree branches etc. I’m 65 and I feel 40. Thank you so much.



zoom wedding

Zoom Wedding

You helped us to create memories and moments in our lives together that we never would have made, if it was not for the Zoom! Maurice and I have something so unique, and so special but prior to the Zoom it was difficult for us to get out and enjoy life together.

When the Zoom came into our lives, it opened up doors for us, it gave us the ability to be together and just go and live in moments that we may at times would have not done otherwise.  I love to walk for exercise and now Maurice and I can walk the trails together, more I walk, and he Zooms.

We have been everywhere seeing and doing things that even I have not been able to experience. Words cannot describe how incredible of an impact the Zoom has had on us.

Because of our love for Maine, and because it was Zoom who made it possible…. We are reserving our wedding venue to be on Cape Elizabeth in Portland Maine.

Thank you so much for enriching our lives with the Zoom.
Tonya and Maurice Levine