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    Zoom 2019

    The Zoom is one of the worlds lightest and smallest electric, all-terrain vehicles.
    It has revolutionary driving capabilities off-road including sand and snow. It easily climbs obstacles and side walks thanks to the patented boggy divider technology.
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Zoom; 4wd, electric all terrain vehicle from Sweden

Anybody can enjoy the liberating experience of the great outdoors. For those who prefer to enhance their experience, our recreational electric all-terrain four wheeler will open up a new world of possibilities, where barriers are easily overcome and obstacles are transformed into simple, pleasurable challenges.

We call it “zooming.” To zoom in, to zoom out, and even to zoom calmly. Helmet on, and you can go off the side walk, without polluting, without disturbing the wildlife… without any second thoughts. To just have fun. Whether fast, slow, or in between, the choice is up to You. It’s Your driving pleasure that drives us at Zoomability. Join us and be A FREE MIND IN MOTION.